We will visit you on-site to discuss all of your requirements before your event.  We offer a comprehensive and professional service, and our package

includes the following:


°  fully integrated lighting system

°  sound playback

°  flexible seating

°  trained members of staff who will be present whenever the venue is open

°  transport

°  crew setup and strike costs




°  Can the venue be heated?

studio three sixty° has a heating and ventilation system to allow the venue to be used all year round.


°  Does the venue have sound proofing?

The venue is designed to minimise sound pollution.


°  What lighting and sound comes with the venue?

A fixed and moving LED lighting rig are built into overhead panels, offering multiple colour and effects. A hidden speaker system allows for playback.


°  How long does it take to install?

Two days is all we need to install the venue, from arrival on-site to being fully operational.


°  Can the venue be installed on hard standing?

The venue can be installed on hard standing or open terrain. Our inbuilt levelling system means most sites can be accommodated.


°  Will you provide a member of staff throughout the event?

Yes, studio three sixty° provide a trained member of staff who will be present throughout the whole of your event. All our staff are able to programme lighting, sound or just be on hand to help out.