• Lucy Osborne

Bespoke benches for a hard working room

When we were approached by The Point in Eastleigh to give their hard-working studio theatre space some much-needed love, we immediately knew we didn’t want to use a conventional theatre seat. In a typical day the space might be used by a youth theatre workshop, a baby massage class and then a professional comedian in the evening, so we set out to create a versatile seating unit which would be lightweight, easy for one person to move and extremely robust. With no storage space available, it was also imperative the benches could stay in the room and always stay useful and active, even when the floor needed to be cleared.

Step forward our wonderful collaborators Lozi, a bespoke furniture maker based in Hackney, who took our initial hand sketches and worked with us to develop our Studio Bench. Many more pages of drawings and a series of prototypes later, the first batch of benches arrived at The Point in November 2019 and were immediately put to work by all of the different user groups.

Designed as two complimentary bench types, one with a back and one without, the Studio Bench is a unique and practical solution to the multi-use programming in the Studio. The lower bench without a back is designed to slide underneath the higher bench so they can both be pushed to the edge of the room and stay active, rather than wasting space as a stacked pile. The lower unit is also the perfect height to seat young people or for toddlers to use as a table, and the varied leg colours bring warmth into the space and tie into the colour palette of the branded identity of the space.

super exciting for our local communities ❤️ fully flexible & more colours than you can shake a stick at!”

Sacha Lee, Artistic Director, The Point


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